30 September 2006

Headlines for September 30th

Internet Gambling Bill Passes In USA....Now What?
A victory for horse racing?

Passport delay is official

Citizen group causes slots delay in Hastings: Purses cut 20%

Betfair shows increased profits

Quebec purses rising thanks to slot revenues

Football Picks For Week 4

Buffalo by 1 over Minnesota

Baltimore getting 2 against San Diego

Detroit getting 5 and a half against St. Louis

Season record: 5 wins 4 losses

17 September 2006

Week 2 Football Picks

Started off 1 and 0 and then had two straight losses for a record of 1 and 2 this year.

Buffalo getting 6 and a half from Miami. This game will come down to a field goal, but most likely Miami will win the game. Buffalo plays close games but usually come up short. Take the over (37) in the parlay.

Arizona getting 7 in Seattle. Arizona is gonna be tough this year. Seattle should bounce this year.

Jacksonville getting 2 and a half against Pittsburgh. I think Jacksonville will win by more than 7 here.

In the Woodbine Bell Mile, I like Sweet Returns.

Good luck.