24 February 2006

Thistledown: Dates go down, purses go up

Dates are decreasing from 187 last year to 156 this year, this freed up $2 million dollars in purse monies.

'Purses for maiden special weight races were increased 26.3%—from $9,500 last year to $12,000. Allowance races will feature $16,000 purses, a 14.3% increase compared to last year's purse of $14,000. Horses previously running for a $5,000 claiming price will compete for a $9,300 purse—a 19.2% increase compared to last year's purse of $7,800.'

This will increase the quality of racing at Thistle, and most likely increase the daily handles. They also expect an increased horse population, making for more competive quality races. Gamblers tend to bet more money on larger fields.
This also makes it economically viable for the horse owner. It increases the owner's chance to make money.

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