19 March 2006

Great Idea: 20 Cent Win 4 Available at Woodbine April 1

20-cent Win 4 Now at Woodbine

March 18, 2006

Woodbine Entertainment Group has announced that its horseplayers will now be able to bet the Win 4 wager for as little as 20 cents per combination, beginning April 1.

Last season, in a similar innovation that was well-received by customers and other tracks alike, WEG introduced a 20-cent minimum on the popular Superfecta, an exotic wager requiring customers to select the top four finishers in one race.

Like the Superfecta, customers will be required to play at least five combinations for a minimum total bet cost of $1. Television displays will continue to show the $1 payout. A winning 20-cent wager will be worth one-fifth of the displayed price.

Typically held from Races 4 through 7, customers will be able to play the 20-cent Win 4 at SAM self-serve machines and through hpibet.com.

The Woodbine standardbred record for a $1 Win 4 is $39,917.95, which was set on June 21, 2004. The Mohawk standardbred record for a $1 Win 4 is $46,771.20, set on October 29, 1991.

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