11 March 2006

Maine Harness Racing Get Purse Jolt Thanks To Slots

"Revenue from Hollywood Slots in Bangor continues to climb with February producing more than any preceeding month. Revenue has increased every month. The total gross revenue for four months was $134.5 million with $921,188.86 already added to the purse account for Maine harness racing. With less than a month to go before Scarborough Downs opens, purses will receive an early boost.

The net revenue, from which purses receive 10 percent, was $1,968,320.45 in November, $2,187,332.84 in December, $2,408,763.58 in January and $2,647,472.80 in February. It was thought that the nearly $2 million net revenue in November might decrease after the early wave of excitment calmed. Exactly the opposite has occured. February, despite being a short month, prduced $679,152.35 more net revenue than did the opening month."

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