8 August 2006

Headlines For Aug. 8th

New Epo Test Used In Ontario

Charlestown's live racing and slots revenues soft, cuts higher end purses, leaves bottom claimer purses alone.

Horse whisperer calls for a ban on whips

New Website to Match Standardbred Buyers with Sellers
Eharness.com: Check it out.

Churchill Downs and Magna team up to bid for NY tracks

Prime Time T.V., 2005 Manitoba Derby winner, found dead in his stall

Seneca Tribal Council To Vote On Casino Saturday
Monday, August 7, 2006 08:54 PM - WBEN Newsroom

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - The Seneca Nation's tribal council is expected to vote Saturday on a scaled down casino in the Buffalo Creek territory. The Seneca Gaming Corporation is expected to give that recommendation to the council at a meeting Tuesday.

Seneca Gaming Spokesman Phil Pantano tells NewsRadio 930 WBEN if the tribal council votes to move ahead with a 5,000 square foot casino, there's no turning back. "I can't see how it would be possible for us to begin to expend dollars and time on developing a plan without Fulton Street, then backtrack to our original design."

Pantano says if the Seneca Tribal Council approves the smaller casino, it will then direct architects to build the casino without using Fulton Street. That has been a sticking point in talks, which broke off last week.

Seneca Leaders Move Forward with Casino Plans

(Buffalo, NY, August 8, 2006) - - Seneca leaders will meet Tuesday to talk about the next step in their plans to build a new casino in Buffalo. News 4's George Richert shows us how they're already moving forward.

Phil Pantano (Seneca Gaming Corporation): "The five thousand square foot casino..."

It'll only be the size of a large house, but the temporary casino for downtown Buffalo should be up and running this winter or spring according to the Seneca Nation.

Once that's up and running, the Seneca Nation will begin construction on a larger permanent casino, and even though the city refuses to turn over Fulton Street, the Seneca Nation still might build a casino almost or as large as what they wanted in the first place.

Pantano said, "The layout will be different because instead of a contiguous parcel now we're dealing with two separate parcels of land. So, you'll have a structure for parking on one side of the street, but a structure for the casino on the other side of the street."

Last Thursday, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said, "They have told the city council and the public they would build a 70-90 million dollar casino without Fulton Street, that would be pretty similar."

Seneca leaders meet on Tuesday and Saturday to take the next step and tell their architects to draw up some new ideas for the permanent casino.

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