7 November 2006

Headlines for November 7th:Cangamble Goes 3-0 in NFL

Flamboro offers OHHA a $1 lease for their backstretch

Magna ammends a couple of financing agreements

Canada is number 3 in the world when it comes to hosting internet gambling

Judge to rule soon on land sale for Buffalo casino

Slots In Maine a boon

Beyer admonishes and ridicules Arab horse owners

No Canadian horses hit the board in the Breeder's Cups races. Oh wait, none were entered. Pretty shameful, considering all the bucks that go into the Canadian game, especially in Ontario, especially WEG. Changes need to be made. Heads need to roll.


Anonymous said...

what about skip code? i thought he was from WO

Anonymous said...

I'm going to start looking @ your NFL pics ..... 3 :0 ??

impressed ;)