30 December 2006

NFL PICKS FOR WEEK 17/December 30th Headlines

Ralph Klein to be awarded Cam Fella award

Revenue Canada shot down trying to tax gambling winnings of "gambling junkies."

Illinois casinos in court: they don't think they should share profits with state race tracks.

Paul MacDonell gets 4000th lifetime win

With no contract in place, Georgian Downs cancels first two 2007 cards


After another 2 and 1 week against the spread, the season totals are very impressive with 29 wins versus 19 losses.

Jacksonville getting 2 against Kansas City

Minnesota getting 2 and a half against St. Louis

Atlanta getting 8 against Philly

Philly is good against teams that are conservative like the Cowboys played last week.
But Atlanta is more of a helter skelter team.

Bonus, take the over tonite in the Washington Giant game. Bookies don't lose money, and with the line at 43, something is up.

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