26 January 2007

Headlines For January 26th

Magna 5 now available in Canada

Ontario teens gambling early. But really has anything changed other than the games being played?

NYRA loses 7.1 million in December

Willmot Sees Dark Future Without Collusion Again, the big problem is the ridiculous track take-outs that make it impossible to be a winner in the long run. People have wised up and the younger generations are playing games with lower take-outs. Willmot fails to acknowledge that this is the real problem.

Windsor casino to get a lot of Super Bowl play from US customers

Weather patterns in Scarborough used to pick winning 13.8 million Lotto 6/49 numbers by Alberta winner.

Coquitlam raking it in from casino

Hastings to cut Stake Race purses because of lack of slots

Pat Hudon faces 10 year ban for using Aranesp

Old Barrie Raceway site sold for over $32 Million

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Anonymous said...

i totally agree with take-outs... one industry exec suggested lowering straight pool takeouts to 5%, and see what happens.. most of the handle is from exotic betting, so why not take a loss leader on straight betting to keep the punters happy?


session 3, 59 minute mark