12 January 2007


I went 3 and 1 against the spread last weekend and I was 0 and 4 on over unders....hiss....boo....hiss.

Baltimore by 4 against Indy. Just by 4? Are you kidding? Baltimore will cream Indy.
Baltimore has a very good defense and their offense is extremely under rated. McNair has a lot of playoff experience and he has 3 good targets and an A-list running back.
Indy has holes everywhere. Final score: Baltimore 27 Indy 13

Philly getting 5 against New Orleans. The over under is making me take Philly here, but I doubt they will win. New Orleans has a lot of offensive options, and Philly is just not that good. Final score: New Orleans 31 Philly 27

Chicago by 9 against Seattle. If you listen to some people in the media, you have to wonder if Chicago will score 9 points. I think this is a perfect example of a good team playing a not very good team. Chicago will get the lead and drain the clock in this one. They'll probably get a defensive TD as well. Final score: Chicago 23 Seattle 10

San Diego by 4 and a half against New England. San Diego can score TD's, I'm not sure if New England will succeed very many times in the red zone. Rivers is a big question mark, but watch for Marty to try to take some chances early to shake the conservatism that follows him into the playoffs. Final score: San Diego 27 New England 16.

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