20 February 2007

Headlines For February 20th

ORC Charge 3 Harness Trainers for Allegedly Using Class 1 Drug

Former Track Caller Rankin's Death Being Investigated; Possibly Linked To Rash of Drug Charges. He Was Outspoken About The Use of Drugs In Horse Racing

EPO use rampant at Monticello; Probably most tracks too

Magna Entertainment Books Writedown on Austrian Racino

Betting On the Father of Anna Nicole's baby
Larry Birkhead -500
Howard K Stern +400
Test will be inconclusive +500
Other +1000
Test will not be administered by 12-31-07 +400

*All odds subject to change without notice.

California pulls Beulah's signal; track owner wants to cut purses 20%

Canadian Lotto Numbers Posted By Mistake

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