3 April 2007

I want one of these but I don't need one

I want one of these, but I don't really need one:

Why is Woodbine so gosh darn fan unfriendly? They seem to be the only major track in North America to either not have them for free at their site or at least available at RaceReplays. What are they trying to hide? I know it seems that when Todd Kabel wants the lead, he usually gets it unchallenged magically (at least until midway through the far turn, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. They aren't hiding that are they? Anyway, there is a way to get most of Woodbines race replays for free. Go to Cal Racing and join for free. Now you can't do a track search and expect for Woodbine to show up, but if you look up horses by name, you can catch Woodbine races....at least for the time being.

Polytrack woes: Woodbine didn't get what they paid for

Harness horse shortage causes cancellation for opening night at Vernon Downs

John Campbell begins comeback

Confirmed, promising Ontario sire Elajjud died late March in a paddock accident

CPMA memo: the use of the medication levamisole may yield a positive urine test for aminorex


Jen Morrison said...

I want of those for sure!! Looks like a great drinking game!
and I know I don't need one...
so is your identity a secret?

Anonymous said...

Jen, I am keeping anonymous at this time. But I don't wear a cape or mask or anything like that.