9 April 2007

Odds On Which Sopranos Character Will Get Whacked First

Odds on which Sopranos character will be first to get whacked in the final season?:
*Odds Grid: +850 means that a $1.00 bet would pay out $8.50 or a $100 bet would pay out $800.
+1350 means that a $1.00 bet would pay out $13.50 or a $100 bet would pay out $1350 and so on....

Which character will be the 1st to get "whacked"
James Gandolfini (Anthony "Tony" Soprano)
Edie Falco (Carmela Soprano)
Michael Imperiolo (Christopher Moltisanti)
Lorraine Bracco (Dr. Jennifer Melfi)
Aida Turturro (Janice Soprano)
Steven Van Zandt (Silvio "Sil" Dante)
Dominic Chianese (Corrado "Junior" Soprano)
Tony Sirico (Peter Paul "Paulie Walnuts" Gualtieri
Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Meadow Mariangela Soprano)
Robert Ller (Anthony "A.J." Soprano, Jr.)
John "Johnny Sack" Sacrimoni (Vince Curatola)
Phil Leotardo (Frank Vincent)
If I had a gun to my head, my pick is Corrado, because Tony will be indifferent to it, but will still have to deal with it.

Not too sure what is going on at Woodbine with regards to the times of the races.
Either the 6 and a half and seven furlong races are 6 to 7 lengths faster than they
should be, or the 5 furlong races and 6 to 7 lengths slower. I've been doing my own
track variants now for close to 30 years, and there was something definitely different the past weekend.
The only time that I've seen this kind of weird behavior regarding times, is when there is a strong wind. Based on what I know, the problem is with the 5 furlong races. It is doubtful that the track between the 5 furlong marker and the 7 furlong chute is a paved super highway, while the rest of the track is playing slow.
Are the 5 furlong races actually about 5 furlongs this year? Are they starting the timer earlier this year?, because usually there is a running start before the timer actually starts, maybe the timer is starting when the gate opens. I could investigate this further by watching some replays at Cal Racing, comparing last year to this year.
Last year, when the Polytrack was installed, there were two slow days, with my 5 furlong variants being 9 and 10 fast (using my variant system). Most days, the average variant was around 16 fast for 5 furlongs.
To date, this year, the 5 furlong races have been between 5 and 9 fast, while the 6 and a half furlong races
are on par with the variants I had for last year, maybe 1 or 2 points slower on average tops.

US Department of Justice forced Neteller out of Canada? It looks like Neteller cut a deal with the DOJ.
Money laundering coupled with Americans using Canadian addresses have caught the DOJ's eyes. There doesn't seem to have been any Canadian government pressure that caused Neteller to stop doing business with Canadian on-line gamblers.

Virgin Games also leaving Canada. Citing "recent developments in the global Internet gaming environment
and following a review of the legalities of online gaming within Canada, we have determined that it is
inappropriate for us to continue accepting online wagers from Canada."
Canadian gamblers will have their accounts
frozen on April 13th, so they better get their monies out before then.

Chris Christoforou returns after 2 month absence due to personal issues

Driver Brett Miller wins 8 races on a 13 race card at Northfield on Saturday


Anonymous said...

I am having the same difficulties with speed figures at Woodbine. The differeces between the five furlong races and the six and a half furlong races are substantial and confusing. Something is proving problematic but I feel making your own figs is going to prove beneficial in the near future. The DRF usually tries to gloss over the messy.

Anonymous said...

The difference between 5 furlongs and 6 and a half wasn't problematic last year,except for some days when taking the wind into account.
I went to Cal Racing replays today to see if there was anything visual different from this year and last year, but unfortunately they don't show the teletimer during the race. And MOST 5 furlong races started 3 lengths before the 5 eighths pole, though one I saw from last year started 4 and a half lengths before the pole. I don't have a stop watch anymore, so I'm going to dig one up in the next few days and see if I can come up with something, because it just can't be right.

Anonymous said...

just a question.. how do you access the Woodbine replays from the Cal Racing website ? I was looking all over for it, but could only find links to Santa Anita and Bay Meadows..

Anonymous said...

You have to search by horses name.

Anonymous said...

thank you. it's great that it also provides head on replays. Equibase has some kind of premium results package for Keeneland with trackus technology... I wonder if Woodbine is going to put out something similar?

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what Woodbine is going to do. It is mind boggling that they don't have free replays for their HPI members at least.
They should offer anything that has to do with Trakus free of charge. The idea is to get the gambling bucks, and offering free info is a good way to keep customer loyalty.

Anonymous said...

just found the link for the replays.

Thanks (England)