20 April 2007

Thoroughbred Owners In California May Get Fined For Positives

Owners in California could face fines and penalties for positives

Dixon voters reject racetrack; Magna may or may not come back with new proposal

OHHA issues update regarding Flamboro and Great Canadian Gaming

Seneca Nation is difficult to deal with They owe on taxes collected, so they decide to fight on another issue. If I was in the Buffalo braintrust, I would definitely do everything in my power to stop their Buffalo casino before it is too late.

Ameritab signs exclusive deal

Licenses for Indiana racinos to be auctioned off?

Court orders man to share lottery winnings with ex-wife

Last minute tentative deal keeps averts strike in Ontario casinos

ORC issues Hudon ruling

Montpellier gets his fine and suspension slashed

Woodbine selections for today:
Laptop Computer looks very good in the 3rd. He'll be the heavy chalk, maybe Orozco will do well off the claim to complete the exactor.

Maybe a Prince and Uncle Ferds ran against double biases in their last. They should be right there in the fourth race.

The fifth race superfecta will pay boxcars today.

Whisper Loudly should be real tough in the 8th, if the post doesn't hinder her.

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