15 April 2007

Why Does It Take So Long To Load Horses At Woodbine?

More on the guy who shot himself inside the Seneca Niagara casino. Canada mentioned as being more progressive when it comes to problem gamblers.

Canadians gamble for the fun of it more than they do for the money According to survey.

Detroit casino announces profits

Loading Horses In The Gait At Woodbine
What is with the amount of delays Woodbine patrons have to live through just to watch a race at Woodbine? I watch races from all over, and I just can't get over how long it takes for the gate to get loaded in many cases at Woodbine compared to other venues. Does the gate crew get paid for the amount of time they are on TV? They would be rich men if that was the case. Kidding aside, I wonder if it is that Woodbine runs a very high percentage of maiden races in comparison with other tracks around North America. But whatever the reason is, something should be done about it. I'm tending to think that their rules are too lax when it comes to schooling in the morning. There are too many hesitant horses in the afternoon. Also, horses who have been off for over 3 months should also be forced to pass a schooling test in the morning too. Often, horses who have had 3 months off, had some sort of injury prior to the layoff. This might make them hesitant to load whenever their next race is.

Today's picks for Woodbine:

I can't believe how bad Balachour Prince bounced yesterday. I know the rail has been hot the past two days, but that can only be a partial excuse.
Ramsammy and Silvera teamed up for 3 wins yesterday. I did select all three as first choices, but I admit the 2 furlong race was complete luck. They hook up again in the first race today with Kris's Honor. It is another 2 year old first time starter race so who knows. Kris's Honor was bought for $1,000. What gets me is starting $500,000 purchases in 2 furlong races, like what we saw yesterday with Sarcasm. You don't find too many 2 furlong race winners to do anything beyond 5 furlongs. These kind of races ruin most horses for life. In the second today, a maiden 3 year old race for a $60,000 purse, only 6 horses were attracted to it, and 5 of them are first time starters. At 8-1 in the program, firster Pepe The Barker is coming out of a great workout on a dead track. Expect long loading delays in the first and second races, despite the small fields. Summer Girlfriend could pay a good price in the Whimsical in today's sixth race.

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