12 May 2007

Horse Racing Riding The Coat Tails Of Slots

Purses rise in first quarter for US thoroughbred racing thanks to slots. Handle drops because people are aware that the track take-out handle is a huge rip off

MI developments looking to spin off its holding in Magna Entertainment

Aubrey Friedman's Suspension To Be Reviewed His case is probably a first. He is a harness owner who can't enter his horses at WEG racetracks because 3 of his horses tested positive for EPO. They usually only come down on the trainer for positives.

Stronach pushing for Instant Racing to be allowed in Michigan

Presque Isle Downs, the soon to be newest racetrack in North America to install TAPETA surface instead of Polytrack: 'Tapeta surface primarily consists of sand, with the addition of rubber and fibers coated with hot wax. Preparation for the installation of the new track is currently underway at Presque Isle Downs.

“We have been doing a number of installations overseas and it’s very refreshing to have the chance to install so close to home,” Dickinson said. “Tapeta has proven itself in the desert at 120 degrees and in the cold at -3 degrees. In Pennsylvania’s varied temperatures, Tapeta really proves itself, and we welcome the opportunity to showcase that consistency. This installation fit nicely into our schedule and will be completed prior to the installation of Tapeta at Golden Gate later this summer.”'

Finally, some details in alleged race fixing at Tampa Bay Downs and Great Lakes Downs

Detroit Red Wing fans go over the border to Windsor Racino to watch and wager on their home team

Communists NDP propose banning VLTs in PEI

Woodbine starts to redo its broken surface The track has played much fairer this week.

Fort Erie based Owner-Trainer Daryl Ezra wins back to back races yesterday at Woodbine. Both were over 10-1. His day rate for new horses has now gone up from $50 a day to $60.

Arlington debuts special second finish line for 1 mile and 1/16th races.

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