26 June 2007

Headlines For June 26th

Good for Emma. She is the one of the few bright spots at Woodbine. Am I the only person who sees the name Mike Fox and thinks of the old high school name prank Mike Hunt?

Racing's Nasty Secret. "In Canada, where most auctioned-off Delaware horses go, a gunshot is delivered to a horse's head, either killing it instantly or rendering it insensitive to pain. The horse then is hoisted up by its hind legs for a throat cutting that makes sure that the horse is dead."

This crap needs to stop. It should be illegal for a thoroughbred race horse to be sold for meat. I don't know what the answer is for the excess amount of unwanted horses this will produce, but slaughtering needs to be outlawed. I believe it is illegal in many states.

Jockey Molina gets 30 day suspension for kicking horse

Canada joins with other nations to seek compensation lawsuit from the USA for pulling internet gambling
Another article on the subject

Passport plan for Buffalo-Fort Erie border likely to be scrapped, Chertoff implies.

Slots at Gulfstream not doing nearly what was anticipated It'll pick up in the winter.

Bill Robinson fined for March incident where an employee was discovered with a powder substance and syringes. Robinson was out of the country at the time this occurred.


Anonymous said...

yes you are the only person that sees the name that way.

Anonymous said...

Fox hunt
See Mike.
See Mike Fox.
See Mike Hunt.

My first ever childhood recollection of a fox was a Looney Tunes cartoon where foxes were being hunted. Not sure if Bugs was in it or not. I was only 3.