11 June 2007

I didn't know Chad Johnson had a grass pedigree

Chad Johnson beats a race horse on River Downs turf:

I wonder how if he had to go to the test barn after the race:)

Global betting of big races with huge commingled pools starts today in France
'Punters in Brazil, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Monaco and South Africa may join French punters to wager a minimum unit, comparable to the US dollar, on a trifecta on the French classic through official outlets linked with the initiative.' Canada and the US are expected to join in soon.

Now, how about making a universal 10% track takeout? Horse racing will have a chance to be large.

Thoroughbred Expresso saved from going to a Canadian slaughterhouse
Slaughtering ex race horses is the lowest thing anyone in the industry can do. And I believe it still goes on in Canada. Program in the US is set up to allow prison inmates to take care of ex race horses who could have been up for slaughter.

Sealy Hill jogs in the Oaks. Good time too. I'd love to see her in the Plate especially after what filly, Rags To Riches, did in the Belmont to the boys. Plus, I'd like to see a certain jockey not win the Plate.

Pretty neat that the victory came on the same day that the Ruffian movie was aired. Good movie. They kept it simple, as most horse racing movies are. I did notice a mistake. In the first race of Ruffian's life, the tote board had prices lit up on it. I'm sure there were other gaffs and inaccuracies.

Fort Erie was not on The Score again yesterday as WEG continues to be short sighted in their promotion of the sport to Canadians. Once I found out Belmont was on again, I flipped the channel for the rest of the afternoon, despite the great insights provided by broadcasters like Elissa Blowe.

Negreanu blasts Canada and it's Socialistic view on gambling "KGB" in Canada arrest 63 in poker sting in Winnipeg

Revenues for Niagara Falls casinos dropped over 4% for first quarter

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