9 July 2007

Ontario Launches Review Of Horse Racing And More News

Government of Ontario launches review of horse racing. They should check my blog for answers to their problems. I can solve most of the issues.

Breeding in Ontario sucks too on the thoroughbred side. Our stallions are inferior. Most of the horses here are bred to go 7 furlongs tops.
There are ways to solve the breeding woes as well. I may write a post about it in the near future. Hastings horses have come here and kicked our butts. I don't know why a few owners don't get together and ship in a few vans full of BC horses.

Woodbine Bias Report

At 60, jockey Alan Cuthbertson is still winning lots of races

Buffalo casino has already signed up 2000 potential gambling addicts in just one week.

Fort Erie cancels Celtic Festival because of lack of funding: Revenues to the city from Bingo and the race track slots have dwindled considerably in recent years, and things don't look bright. The proposed $300 million construction plan for Fort Erie race track is a complete joke as stated here previously. I can't believe that the government hasn't laughed it off yet. It is a waste of time for them to even consider it.

Purses at Mountaineer cut 20% across the board They expect this to be temporary.

Faulkner family trained a superfecta July 5th at Thistledown

Churchill Downs meet down almost 4% overall in handle. With the internet gambling ban in effect, shouldn't horse racing be benefiting? Apparently not, since race track ownership is stuck with a 1935 mentality.

Quebec legalizes Texas Hold'em

Melnyk, Casse, and Husbands to appeal Bison City DQ. I know it is for a lot of money, but this the DQ was a no-brainer. They have no chance of getting it overturned.

Former crack addict with a $1000 in the bank bet $432 in last Monday's Pick Six at Hollywood. He won close to $600k. Good story. Read it. I hope crack isn't in his future.

US Internet gambling ban to be challenged in Washington State

University of Guelph has begun to conduct heart rate study for harness horses under racing conditions at Mohawk

Frankie Detorri suspended for 14 days for overuse of the whip in England

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