17 July 2007

Xtreme Racing At Georgian Downs Was Very Entertaining

Xtreme Racing (for harness horses at Georgian Downs) was tremendously entertaining. It was a great idea to get the hilarious announcer Larry Lederman to do the calling. Lederman is fantastic for the sport with his racing one liners. I watched quite a few of the races on Saturday night from home. Here is the 1/8 mile sprint:

Here is a link that goes to quite a few more of the Xtreme races.

Canterbury is holding an Extreme Race Day on July 22nd for thoroughbreds

Alezzandro takes advantage of being the only speed to win the Prince of Wales at FORT ERIE (not Mohawk)
It would have been nice to see The Sun get the track right in the headlines

John Ferguson, former Montreal Canadien and horse owner, dies of cancer at 68.
Another obit. This one mentions the war he and Eddie Shack used to have in the 60's. I remember watching games between Montreal and Toronto, and anticipating a fight between Shack and Ferguson, as a child.
I couldn't find a Ferguson/Shack fight on Youtube, but here is Ferguson versus Kent Douglas:

Hockey Fights.com should get some footage of Ferguson versus Shack.

Article shows how grey an area, online gambling is.

BC casinos up 11% this year

Murder At An Illegal Gambling House That Posed As A Pet Store

Article on Bute What I would like to see are stats like percentage breakdowns on the track (Bute versus non Bute jurisdictions), and starts per year and life (Bute versus non Bute jurisdictions). I am under the assumption that vet bills are much lower in jurisdictions that are lenient when it comes to Bute usage for races. But I've been wrong once or twice before.

Scientific Games Racing and Great Canadian Gaming sign pari-mutuel wagering systems deal

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