17 August 2007

Fort Erie Needs Help From The Government (And A New Owner)

Fort Erie wants to plead its case at Queen's Park
Facing declining casino revenues once more as well as new competition from Presque Isle Downs, Fort Erie has few options.
1) Race 50-60 days next year.
2) Run for next to nothing in purses next year during an 80-84 day schedule.
3) Get the government to give them a bigger cut of casino revenues. Right now they get 10% of the slots with Nordic Gaming (the owners of the track who don't give a rats ass about horse racing) getting 10% as well. Forget Nordic getting a bigger cut. They should do everyone a favor and sell the joint. But I can see a case being made so that the horsemen of border tracks get an additional 5-10% of the slot revenues. OLG gets plenty, and the idea of slots is to help the communities that have slots as well as the horsemen. The extra 5-10% will be spent within the Niagara region by winning connections most likely, so to me it is a no brainer. But to get the government to play ball.....well that is another thing.
Ontario just announced they had a 2.3 billion dollar surplus. Surely, they won't miss another 5 million dollars, especially if it helps hundreds of people stay away from welfare line.

Again, the $300 million plan is just insane. Nobody is going to pay good money to have a condo next to truck fumes on the Peace Bridge. And Niagara Falls is 20 minutes away. I can see condos working there, but not Fort Erie. It will never happen. It is just a ploy by the owners to give the track some smoke and mirror value while they are looking for someone to buy the joint.

Trainer and jocks agent have quite a tiff at Thursday's Rainbow Connection draw at Fort Erie.

Did you know that the Flunkey Monkeys at WEG increased the track takeout last year on Win 4's from 14.75% back to 25%? I follow the news pretty good, and I don't remember seeing Woodbine announce anything about this. Instead of betting with WEG, buy lottery tickets.

Woodbine expands their grey area telephone wagering system

Richard Eng's article on lower track takeouts. Great read. Although he predicted no one would boycott the Laurel short meet, I am not shocked that WEG didn't offer it to their customers.

Baymount gives update on the New Quinte Racino Development

Jockey Club Petition at Pace Advantage Forum getting serious notice.

Charles Town Dash controversy includes allegations against Charles Town HBPA President who was the owner of the eventual winner.

Guelph conducting research on race horse's hearts

Magna to downsize big time. Stronach is probably looking to get out of racetrack ownership altogether.

Female jockey Lucy Burch dies in car crash at 28. She was riding at Louisiana Downs

World Poker Tour returns to Fallsview October 26th

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