24 January 2008

ORC Announces Health, Safety, and Regulatory Measures

ORC announces changes in Health, Safety and Regulatory Measures

The measures include:

• The establishment of a "Horse Health Passport."

• A new regulation whereby only ORC licensed vets will be authorized to administer medications to racehorses.

• A new regulation on the use of shock wave – or pulse wave – therapy on a racehorse.

• A new regulation requiring the use of safety reins for all racehorses.

• A new regulation requiring the use of safety vests by standardbred participants.

• Owner responsibility -Automatic suspension of a horse for 90 days for testing positive for any non-therapeutic drug.

• A new regulation regarding trainer responsibility.

• Revised guidelines for penalties for equine drug, TCO2, and non-therapeutic drug offences.

• Guidelines regarding trainer transfers.

• New licensing measures, confirming the terms of receiving an ORC license.

• A series of new regulatory control measures, which govern who may conduct 'search and seizure' activities and carry out 'Out-of-Competition' activities.

• To codify into the Rules of Racing the Policy Directives issued as part of the ORC 'Out-of-Competition' Program.

ORC approves changes to HIP program
I haven't been able to find the exact details as of yet.

To try to combat retailer fraud, OLG has introduced new "winning chimes" for tickets that win over $10,000

White out on lottery pool list leads to an investigation. Barry factory workers who won a $24.5 million jackpot have to wait for outcome before they receive their checks.
A couple of factory workers admit they didn't put in the 5 bucks on the week the ticket came in. And you think you have bad luck.

Tragedy as four Lane's End yearlings get hit by a car and die

Montreal Gazette discontinues weekly racing column after 18 years.

In-Play betting available at Betfair becoming very popular. You can bet during the race. New technology is coming about to help track horses in real time.

Quarter horse racing Ontario incentive program announced. I think if you want to bet Ajax, you have to go to Ajax Downs.

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