23 May 2008

Is Mohawk Racetrack A Laundry Mat For Drug Traffickers?

Drug Traffickers Allegedly Laundering Money At Mohawk Racetrack and Casino Rama

CBC tests to see how easy it is to launder money

279 Niagara Casino Workers Took Buyouts As Employee Reduction Became Necessary

Bettors Speak Out On Signal Wars (Industry In General As Well)
I recognize that at least a couple of the bettors interviewed, are members of the Pace Advantage Forum.

Many big players want cash rewards, commonly called “rebates” in industry circles, for their wagering efforts. Rebates are typically awarded only from large-volume offshore shops, although a few domestic ADWs offer them.

“Look at all of the hoops that you are making people jump through,” said the bettor from New Jersey, who is restricted by law to only playing through the state’s regional ADW 4NJBets.com, a non-rebating entity. “What are you supposed to do, split all your money across nine ADWs so you can bet the tracks you want? I could set up a (limited liability company) in another state, but I don’t think that’s right. But are others doing it? Yes.”

Players either want rebates, or have track takeout lowered closer to levels of casino betting, where the “rake” is often 10% or less.

“When online poker (in the US) becomes legal, people are going to split,” the New Jersey bettor said. “The amount that the track takes out is already ridiculous. And the horsemen want more?”

The Canadian bettor suggested that a single centralized North American ADW offering both scaled rebates based on betting volume and access to all tracks is a viable solution.

“In the ideal world, there would be one industry-supported ADW,” he said. “Their goal has to be to get the pools increased, and this would work.”'

Free PP's at Youbet now
May, 2008
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Youbet Avoids Delisting on NASDAQ

Premier Turf Club signs deal with Louisiana Downs

Investigation continues on the missing number 20 for Derby quick picks

Takeout increase being considered in NY State
'"One idea being negotiated would raise the takeouts on bets in New York handled by NYRA, Finger Lakes racetrack, and the OTBs. It would set a new takeout floor, which currently is 14% for one horse bets; that level would be raised to 16.5%. On multiple bets, the legal takeout floor would go from 17% to 19%, according to one document."'
Don't these doofuses get it yet? Increased takeout will not mean more revenue. In fact, it will most likely mean less revenue. Note to industry: If Walmart increased prices on everything, does anyone honestly think that means increased earnings for Walmart?

Woodbine Bias Report
Ian Black is hot right now. David Clark is cold, though he won one with a horse taking a huge edge at Fort Erie on Tuesday. Trainers Ashlee Brnjas and Analisa Delmas are cold as ice. Outside closers seem to have had the edge lately on the Poly in sprint races.

Jack Lauzon wins Avelino Gomez Award

4 horses and 4 people inducted in Canadian Horse Racing Hall Of Fame

Mike Chambers interview. Coming off a Turf Paradise meet where he won at an amazing 41% rate.
He says he was successful because he was able to run horses worth 20k for 5k. I don't buy that as being an excuse. If his horses were worth 20k, they wouldn't be running that low. Any trainer that hits at a rate over 25% needs to be spot checked as much as humanly possible, and his or her horses need to be tested for everything ever invented.

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