28 May 2008

What Is A Quarter Crack, and How To Repair It

What is a quarter crack?, and how to fix it:

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Ontario horse racing report about to be received by the government. I doubt it will paint a pretty picture. Lots of horsemen are barely getting by, especially at Fort Erie, and harness racing is turning into a hobby (or at least it should) for many who used to think it was viable business. Of course, the racing execs, who maintain ridiculously high track takeouts, are not creating any new customers of any substance. In fact, they are losing the big clients on a daily basis to offshore gambling which offers gamblers a much better bang for their buck (you can actually win money at Betfair in the long run).

Horsemen Figure CDI owes them a lot of money because of money bet on their products through Twin Spires.

Congress May Call A June Hearing I know, I reported this in my last entry. This is a different article.
Is horse racing about to be forced to have uniform rules and a Commissioner? I sure hope so.

What is the deal with EPO and Ontario thoroughbred racing. Horses who get claimed aren't tested for EPO. Lets say they are tested positive shortly after the claim, how does the testers know who gave the horse EPO in the first place?

Prairie Meadows, race 4 on May 26th: Jockey gets suspended for easing the horse before the wire. The horse lost.
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Quebec harness racing continues to die. Opinion piece says let them.

Raising takeouts in New York, a very bad idea.
'Higher takeout has been shown repeatedly to
cause a decrease in total wagering. Eventually,
since more people lose money than win betting
on horses, there will be no money left to bet.
State leaders need to carefully consider the
best way to create a level playing field for all of
racing’s stakeholders.'

Woodbine Bias Report
Brian Lynch is on fire. Jockey Robert Landry is hot, but took the wrong horse in the Stake Race on Monday. Slade Callaghan sure looks like a great navigator on the turf. He got a nice win at Chantal Sutherland's expense on Sunday, and then he rated Rahy's Attorney as if he was one of the top three jockeys in North America, on Monday.
Jerry Baird is in a bit of slump. Early speed horses are actually doing very good at one distance right now at Woodbine: Seven Furlongs.


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If you are having trouble figuring out this sport heres a great place to start



Anonymous said...

Saturday May 31

Woodbine Race 9

Chantal Sutherland

Cost me dearly.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I know it was a tough trip, and no jockey is perfect. But Chantal is more perfect than most. She did win two today.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know. She's a fine rider. I just needed to vent.