29 June 2008

Dutrow Knocks Successful Trainers; Goofy Goes To The Track

Rick Dutrow basically calls almost every trainer with a good record "a cheater":

'Dutrow said he would be in favor if veterinarians were barred from the grounds, and said he welcomed a national set of medication rules. In typical Dutrow fashion, though, he bashed many of New York's leading trainers over the years, basically accusing them of cheating.

"How does Oscar Barrera go from winning no races for 30 years and then he becomes the best trainer that's ever trained horses in two years, then they stop him and he goes 0 for 140?'' Dutrow said. "The same thing with Gasper Moschera - where's he at? How did he get to be the man in New York by laying carpet, then they stop him and he gets out of the game. Peter Ferriola, Juan Serey. You look at this jerk down there [Gary] Contessa - how does he set records? How does he do it? C'mon, man, if everything is the same playing field, we're going to do as good if not better than anybody."'

Penalties given to Dutrow and Asmussen, nowhere near severe enough to deter trainers from cheating.

Back In 1948 Some Racing Fans Were Just Plain Goofy:)

Montreal's Harness Racetrack Closed; Under Bankruptcy Protection
Racetrack Operator Owes More Than $73 Million

ORC Suspends William (Bill) Elliott For 10 Years Because Of EPO (DPO) Positive

Jockey David Clark's pre-sentencing hearing to continue September 30th The sentence is expected to be set at that time as well according the the DRF.

Commentary: Horse Racing Troubles (in Ontario) Were Years In The Making
"In short, the industry never quite understood the Golden Rule of capitalism: The customer comes first, and is always right."

Investigation urged in case of the phony Indian band that received a share of the profits from Casino Rama

Bill Finley Writes Another Article About The Merits Of Banning Lasix

He is absolutely right, and I for one have no problem with him writing up on this subject until something is done. Much like I do when it comes to track takeouts.

With a couple of large shareholders pissed, MEC postpones reorganization meeting indefinitely

Do you remember the 60's? That was a time that the average race horse ran over 11 times a year. Now it is over 6.
How about Betty's Mark (a maiden), entered in the first race at Fort Erie on Tuesday? Owned and trained by Albert Parody, she will be making her 9th start in 9 weeks. And she is running very consistent as well. Last week was her best placing of the year (2nd). She hasn't missed a week since Fort Erie opened this year. Her race a week Fort Erie streak actually goes back to mid September last year, when she finished the Fort Erie season racing once a week for 7 weeks until the end of the season.

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