17 June 2008

NY State Takeover Of NY OTBs Will Result In A Higher Track Takeout

State of New York's Takeover Of New York OTBs To Result In Higher Takeouts In NY. The resulting 1% increase will still make the total takeout nowhere close to the highway robbery WEG charges on their own product, but this shows the complete stupidity of just about everyone in control of horse racing. They "think" that raising takeouts will result in more money to divide up. They are complete lunatics. All that is going to happen is that they will end up with less customers and less money.

In Depth Report On Thoroughbred Horse Racing's Catastrophic Injuries

Over 5000 Race Horses Have Died At Racing Facilities (including race tracks of course) In North America since 2003
The majority were put down on the track.

Opinion Piece: Problem Gamblers Should Seek Help, Not Legal Advice
People should be responsible for their own actions. Imagine if liquor stores had to keep alcoholics from buying booze. The lawsuit is against the OLG is ridiculous.

Mark Frostad's wife Pam appointed as a Commissioner for the Ontario Racing Commission

Huge $439 Million Gamble By OLG In Windsor; Will It Payoff? Caesar's in Windsor Opens On Thursday OLG can afford to gamble, as they continue to rake it in. There is no reason that they can't up the horsemen's rake at Fort Erie to 15% or even 20%. The idea of building Racinos was to benefit the racing industry, which is very large in Ontario. A special case could be made for Fort Erie because it is the only "dirt" track alternative for Ontario breds who don't run well on Polytrack. Harness horsemen have many options to keep their horses running in Ontario, while thoroughbred horsemen have few options.

Supreme Court Reject Appeal On Horse Slaughter Ban In The USA

The Thoroughbred Safety Committee Recommends Banning Steroids and Toe Grabs

Harlem Rocker Is Out Of The Plate And Ginger Brew Will Be Supplemented I don't think Ginger Brew is going to hit the superfecta.


G. C. said...

The New York corruption continues. OTB has been pushing hard for takeout increases for years and they finally were able to slip it in as the state takes over the city operation.

OTB hires dozens of family and friends to no-show management jobs. It is a complete corruption operation. The parasite is beginning to kill the host as the parasite grows larger and larger.

Anonymous said...


theres always corruption in this type of activity...