10 August 2008

Chantal Sutherland Wins 5, Three By A Nose

Sutherland wins 5

I don't remember a jockey ever winning three races in a card by a nose. Has it been done before? Probably. I'm just not aware of it.
Sutherland just seems to have a style that works great on the poly and the turf. She relaxes horses early, usually gets good position, and I have to say that from what I've seen, she is completely aware of track biases as well.
Her timing is impeccable many times as well. And when she finally asks a horse, she gets the same response as if she was zapping the horse with a buzzer (and no, I'm not implying that she uses a buzzer).
Some jockeys are just naturals, like Daniel David. Chantal is not only a natural, she also has brains as well (her analytical side comes out in her interviews).
She was also smart to appeal her suspension for "using her whip in an excessive and aggressive manner" in Sunday's Breeders. I'm not 100% sure, but I think she would have missed yesterday's great day if she accepted the suspension.
Today, she has a very light day. And it could get lighter if they take the races off the grass.

Mark Casse finally got his 1000th win yesterday. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

X-Treme Racing: The Thrill Is Gone

I watched most of the X-Treme racing card on HPITV last night, and I have to say, that it wasn't like last year. I got that "been there, done that" feeling after watching a couple of dashes.
Announcer Larry Lederman didn't even seem as funny this year.
That being said, I think harness racing could use different distances like 5/8ths or 3/4's, as well as either 1 mile and quarter, or 1 mile and 3/8ths.
But what harness racing really needs is exchange betting. The pools in Ontario are usually not big enough to attract me to even think about betting, but exchange betting would probably change things immensely.
I'll admit, I'm not a harness racing fan. I find it monotonous compared to thoroughbred racing, and just too open to larceny. It wasn't bad enough that in the old days many of the drivers and trainers were related to each other, but now when you add drugs into the equation, I find the game unplayable, especially when you are asked to overcome a 22% (on average) track takeout.
I couldn't bet the card last night, even though I had second thoughts when I picked the first exactor cold, as well as the early double. I just couldn't bet into those puny pools.
I definitely would have played last night if it was available on an exchange though.
I still commend Georgian Downs and Great Canadian Gaming for at least trying something different.

Legends On Tour
On October 18th at Santa Anita, 8 retired jockey legends will compete once more. The distance will be 6 furlongs, and the weight assigned will be 126 pounds for all. Competing will be Angel Cordero Jr., 65; Jacinto Vasquez, 64; Sandy Hawley, 59; Pat Day, 55; Chris McCarron, 53; Jerry Bailey, 51; Gary Stevens, 45, and Julie Krone, 45.
I wonder if they all can make the weight.
It is a parimutuel event and will be run as the fourth race that day.

Ellis Park to increase purses by 5% Increasing the signal fee amounts to ADWs is definitely the biggest reason for this increase. Open access is a big reason as well. Ellis Park is also available to Premier Turf Club customers. Of course, this isn't the case with the California horsemen group, who refuse to sign a contract with Premier. Meanwhile, Del Mar is cutting purses.

Finally, HANA has a neat looking track takeout chart for North American thoroughbred tracks. Check it out.
There is also a track takeout chart available for Harness tracks at The Harness Racing Blog.

Alex Brown: The Horse Rescuer
H/T The Paulick Report

Check out the newest version of Down The Stretch Newspaper.

Full Fields At Fort Erie

Lots of big competitive fields at Fort Erie the next three days. Today, One Way Gotaway should take the third. Out Of Session should enjoy the cut back in the fourth race. Will (one for fifty six) 7 year old Dashing Monty finally win his second race today? I say yes. We will know as soon as the official sign goes up in the 9th.
Tomorrow, Malibu Monster, in the 7th, should eat the field, and surf to victory.

Woodbine has a very chalky card set for today, but nothing to get over confident or enthused about. It is probably better to find another track to bet on, or bet it on an exchange like Betfair.

One more note. Emma Jayne Wilson looked like a bad apprentice in the Secretariat yesterday at Arlington. I know she had a bad post, but she didn't help the horse's chances on iota.

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