5 December 2008

HANA Gear, Snake Venom, Fort Erie, And More

HANA Gear Is Now Available Just In Time For Last Minute Shopping At Christmas
Buy a gift for a friend or yourself and support HANA at the same time. HANA is a non profit group and a good membership drive costs moolah. The more member HANA has, the more pull HANA will have.

Patrick Biancone Vet's Case Is Comedic
I just don't get why a vet would need cobra venom in the first place. It isn't like he lives in India and treats humans. But blaming it on the wife? Too funny.


Stephen Ayers, the representative for Fort Erie's owner Nordic Gaming remains optimistic that the track will be open next year. But I still don't get why the EDTC and Mayor Martin are still harping about the $300 million project that Nordic has already postponed indefinitely.
There is no way Nordic is going to spend that kind of money on a project that makes no economic sense and has no profit potential (especially during a recession), and lets be real, they've already postponed a much bigger project indefinitely (a major hotel in Las Vegas).
Indefinitely in the business world usually means forever. Why can't the EDTC get that through their thick heads.
Maybe it is a ploy to try to shame the government because of their inaction while the deal was still on the table, in order to pressure the government to bailout Nordic and perhaps give them a bigger cut of the gains from the casino.
EDTC Jim Thibert was quoted as saying "We don't understand why a no-brainer doesn't register at Queen's Park."
Yeah, the project was a no-brainer alright. It was thought up by someone without a brain. Fort Erie wouldn't be able to attract enough tourism and condominium residents to even justify a project that costs 1/10th or even 1/20th of the proposed $300 million.
Nordic now realizes it, I'm sure Queen's Park realized it in a few weeks, but Martin and Thibert need to throw out their rose colour glasses.

Nordic did get some good news. They appealed a tax assessment of the Fort Erie property in 2003 and finally won. The result is that the town is out $463,000 now. And the Fort Erie property owner will get a hike of 1.6% in property taxes going forward to make up for the budget deficit.

Seneca Gaming Puts 210 Employees Out Of Work
I wonder if they have given up on the downtown Buffalo casino because of legal issues. If it ever opened the way it was planned, it would be another nail in Fort Erie's coffin, if you could find room for another nail that is.

Betting Down 10% In November versus November 2007
Betting has been in a recession for over 5 years now. And when the old time gamblers disappear, they aren't being replaced. Racing execs are stuck on stupid.

On line betting is still a gray area in the USA Horse racing is still exempt from the medieval attitude by the American government. Meanwhile, they are missing out on a load of revenue by not legalizing and oversea it. Just out and out stupidity.

Todd Pletcher gets a Breeder's Cup Positive
Procaine isn't just another name for penicillin. Drugs in horse racing is just out of control. Any trainer hitting at 18% or greater (over 80 or so starts plus) is using something either not tested for or it is undetectable. There are only so many ways to train a horse.

John Pricci writes up on an anonymous vet who spilled some beans.
He is quoted on as to why there is so much reliance on vet work today:
"The commercialization of the breeding industry.

Liberal medication policies of state regulators, allowing unsoundness into the gene pool.

The dominance of charismatic trainers, forcing other trainers to try to compete with [their] methods.

The widespread use of anti-inflammatory medications [Bute, Flunixin].

[Overuse of injecting] cortisone into joints [hocks, stifles, knees, ankles].

The sacrifice of thoroughbred horseflesh for the sake of speed.

Because of increased demand for veterinary treatment, large “group vet practices” now dominate the backstretch… kids straight out of school with no racing or even farm animal backgrounds, enticed by big paychecks and ‘glamour.’"

This recession will wind up putting a few trainers out of work. Maybe one or two of them will narc on the industry via a book or a lengthy interview. Drugs are poisoning the game right now. I'd be more upset, but the game is going in the crapper as it is right now, until takeouts are reduced drastically.

The Mystery of the Photo Finish At Hollywood
Pull The Pocket gives the details and has published the original photo from yesterday's (December 4th) 7th race.
No reason for this to be a place photo since there wasn't a horse close to the second horse except for the winner.
What I think happened is that they asked for the photo results but wound up getting a place photo instead of a win photo, and somehow the system gave the 6 horse (the winner of the place photo) the win because of a technical foul up.
Hollywood has changed the photo at their site, making it more difficult to tell who won (notice that there is no mirror image). But Bigmack over at Pace Advantage has put up a comparison of both photos (the first one shown at Hollywood and the new one):

Oh yeah, Woodbine's jockey race is still tight with two days to go. I'm just glad the season at Woodbine is coming to an end. Looking forward to handicapping Tampa Bay Downs.

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Anonymous said...

I wathed the rerun on race replays .com, I have to say it was a joke of a call,but it could have been much worse,as im a spot player,Gooche's Dream was one of my spot plays of the day,but i decided to sit that one out making the result a non factor financially,like i said it would have been muh worse had i wagered.