20 February 2009


ESPN did a Q and A session with Chantal Sutherland
Apparently Mike Smith begs a lot.

And fellow blogger Handride, obviously desperate for blog hits:), did a blog post on Chantal Sutherland as well.

Bloggers know that Google searches for "Chantal Sutherland" are responsible for many daily hits, even if we just mentioned her name in our blog a year ago. Pull The Pocket even joined the Club.
Over 21,000 match results on Google for "Chantal Sutherland." To put things in perspective, "Woodbine Entertainment" only yields 17,000 match results. "Horseplayer Interactive" only has 5,880 match results. "Patrick Husbands" only yields 5,100 match results. I know that he has been a jockey much longer than Chantal, but I doubt he looks as good as her in Victoria Secret lingerie.

Handride posted this video first, so I'll give him credit. All About Chantal:

Looks aside, Sutherland is a really good jockey. Especially on the turf, and the Woodbine Polytrack. I wonder about her longevity though. At 33, her biological clock might be keeping her up at night these days. She seems like the type who would like a family of her own.

Keeneland made a 15 second Promo congratulating themselves for being HANA's number one racetrack:

Incidentally, "Horseplayers Association of North America" yield 4,600 Google match results already. That is pretty darn good considering we've been around for what? 7 and a half months. HANA's first post was July 1st.

Horse who was substituted for, in one of the largest horse racing betting scandals dies of old age at 31
"Super trainers" of today don't need to resort to such child's play.

Magna Entertainment on the verge of financial collapse
MI Developments Inc, who have their own problems due to today's financial crisis, finally said no to the proposed spin off deal. Debt repayment has now become a crisis issue for Magna Entertainment.

Now the TSE is reviewing Magna Entertainment. It looks like a delisting of the stock is imminent.

A big question gamblers who have accounts with XPressBet should be asking is that if Magna goes bankrupt, are their account funds protected? Will they have to wait for bankruptcy proceedings to wind down? Will they only then get a portion of what was in their accounts at the date of bankruptcy? I don't know the answer yet, but it isn't for lack trying.

Fort Erie Update?
"Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking, into the future" In other words, I got nothing.


Anonymous said...

Re the CS video - Looks like there's been a lot of handicapping going on with either the left or right hand.

Anonymous said...

Xpress bet accounts have no chance of being in jeopardy.
But if I had any money with them I would be very uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Why even take the chance with Xpressbet? Go to Twinspires, Youbet or TVG.