2 February 2009

Does Dutrow Know How Speed Figures Are Made?

Richard Dutrow upset over Beyer article
Yes, there are ways to improve horses, and sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't. But Dutrow looks like an idiot when he says, "And his whole premise was made on the basis of his numbers. Who said his numbers have to be right?"

Dutrow shows complete ignorance on how Beyer, or any other speed figures are computed. It makes me wonder about his overall knowledge of the game, which makes me tend to believe he is in fact a juicer. Then again, I believe anyone who hits consistently at over 18% as a trainer, is using something undetectable, or something that isn't tested for.

FYI, Brisnet and Ragozolin numbers confirm that This Ones For Phil ran between 12-20 lengths faster than he ever ran before.

Andy Beyer speaks about his controversial article on Dutrow and "super" trainers in general. The audio is around an hour long, but it is well worth the listen. He also gets into the $20,000 he got screwed out of, at the bankrupt New Hampshire ADW, at the end of the interview.

50 more layoffs at Fort Erie-many of them mutuel clerks
The government should just OK the $3.2 million Nordic is trying to extort. The economy is in dire straights, and unfortunately Nordic is in a position where they can basically negatively impact a whole town of 30,000 people.
If there is a workable solution, find it, but stop keeping the horsemen hanging. Giving the owner (Nordic) and the horsemen an extra 7.5% each of the casino winnings, seems to be a no brainer at this time. Even if it is for 2 or 3 years, and then open for review thereafter.

Wasn't slots put in to help the racing industry? And I just can't see slots remaining open if there is no racing. That means another 200 plus casino jobs in the toilet. And it also means that the government will be out the 80% profit minus expenses that the government rakes in from the $40 million in slot revenues.

The track isn't worth anything close to $35 million, and I think the EDTC made this issue worse by offering that price. It gives Nordic the idea that there are dupes out there who might pay an outrageous price for the joint, and it will probably keep Nordic hanging on to the track, when it would be to everyone's best interest if they just got the heck out of Dodge.

Missing cabbie in Dartmouth blew a lot of money gambling, racked up huge debts, went bankrupt in 2006

Veteran Alberta Horseman Rod Hennessy still has hope for the industry's future. He does realize changes must be made:
"Maybe we have to take 5% of our purses, or some amount like that, and spend it totally on promotions. We have to get younger fans and younger owners interested in what we do."

I feel sorry for the harness racing industry. It always will be in the shadow of the thoroughbred industry. And the numbskulls calling the shots in that industry are like captains of a sinking ship, who just don't want to come to the realization that they need a new boat.

116 year old race track in BC looking at eviction notice
H/T Equidaily

Reality show Jockeys set for debut on Animal Planet. Chantal Sutherland is one of the jockeys featured on that show.
Here is the longer version promo:

Canadian born comic Norm MacDonald is addicted to online poker

How the recession is affecting the gambling industry
"People have not stopped gambling, they just are not gambling in traditional casinos. They are gambling online."

Horseplayers Association of North America (HANA) continues with the top 20 bettor friendly tracks countdown. Today's featured track is Fairgrounds which comes in at number 12.

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