23 April 2009

HANA's Next Pool Party and The Simon Husbands Decision

Even HANA makes mistakes. We actually thought targeting Turf Paradise would have gone over OK with our members. Boy, we were wrong. Our argument that Turf Paradise is available to most ADW's including Canada (one quarter of the 1000 members HANA has now are Canadians), and that we could shed light on some of the problems regarding ADW distribution like Arizona's anti-internet state law, where it is now a felony to bet anything including horse racing on-line, or the fact that Twinspires takes Turf Paradise only by phone and only in certain states.

But the reality is that the overwhelming majority of HANA members believe, and rightfully so, that we should not be rewarding tracks, even at no fault of their own (though the owner of Turf Paradise apparently supported the anti-internet ban in this case), that are involved in things that are so against the player. Also, Turf Paradise has extraordinarily high takeouts. Reasoning like this is why Woodbine would never be considered in the near future to be part of the HANA race of the week program, and I can't argue against the reasoning.

So last night, in our weekly conference call, it was unanimously decided that we ditch Turf Paradise, and instead we are focusing on Hawthorne race 6 on Saturday.

Please support HANA and play the race. Bet however you like, win, place, show, exactor, triactor, or whatever, just play the race. Here is a link for free Past Performances and bias reports, etc. for the 6th race at Hawthorne on Saturday.

Sticking with HANA, at midnite last night we got our 1000th member. The HANA day at the races was well received. And HANA president Jeff Platt was given air time by TVG. For HANA members and especially those who haven't signed up yet here is the TVG video (Jeff does a great job explaining our mission):

To Join HANA Click Here
It is free, gratis, no cost, no obligation. We just want our numbers to grow. The higher the membership the bigger the voice HANA will have as time goes by.

Simon Husbands Year Suspension Overturned

I said from the start that the punishment seemed to severe, but to me a punishment was still warranted. I think 15 days would have been in order.

But what the ORC did was humiliate the Stewards. These are three ex-jockeys who gave Husbands the suspension based on the ride. You'd think that they could tell if a rider was trying or not. Check the video out for yourself:

My favorite part of the ruling:

Public participation in an Internet Racing blog site where gratuitous opinions abound. This blog evidence was sparingly introduced, it being recognized that the evidentiary use was limited. The relevance was to demonstrate the existence of controversy, pro and con. That evidence was not introduced for the truth or reliability of its content. In passing, it is noted that irresponsible blog participation dealing in misinformation, innuendo and lack of informed opinion has an immense capacity to inflict irreparable harm on individuals and upon racing itself. An uninformed opinion is probably expressed more for the benefit of the declarer than for the reader, if there be one.
This wasn't pertaining to my blog btw. But can anyone believe the stupidity of the ORC to put this in?
Three ex jockeys (the stewards) shared the same opinion of the readers and commenters of the blog and threw the book at Simon Husbands. I guess they had an uninformed opinion too.

I started a thread at Pace Advantage. One forum member named Onion Monster said: "So, they not only overturn the ruling but also disparage the internet discussion as an exercise in self-aggrandizing gossip? I want this jock's lawyer."

As I said in another forum regarding my view of the race in question:

My view on the race is that is was run very slow, but the perception of Simon Husbands ride is all that matters. He didn't look like he was trying to win, and the Stewards (who all happen to be ex jockeys) agreed.
They were humiliated yesterday as the decision to suspend Husbands for a year was overturned.
He should have got at least 15 days. The defense that he was following instructions doesn't wash right. What if the trainer said go 8 wide, I just want this race to be a prep for a distance race next week?
The time of the race was not brought up. It was a $25,000 claimer for maiden 3+. The final time was 1:27. Maiden 2 year old fillies running for $25,000 claiming ran 1:26 just two races later.
The defense that the race was one of Bug's Boy's best is too bogus. It wasn't his best Beyer rating, and in fact, the Beyer rating has to be wrong for that race. The TSN number shows it was one of his worst races, and so do my personal ratings.

Click here to view the entire ruling.

I have a lot more respect for the Woodbine Stewards than I do the ORC thanks to this reverse ruling.

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KPK said...

The decision of the Ontario Racing Commission to overturn Simon Husband’s one year suspension for his non-effort on Bug’s Boy November 30th, 2008 (third race) is available on Jennifer Morrison’s website. It is fascinating reading, alternatively shocking and unintentionally hilarious. The reasoning of the stewards, who unanimously believe Husbands did not persevere with his mount, are countered by a lengthy series of interviews with racing insiders who all stump for the disgraced jock. The incestuous connections of the track are laid bare and their utter indifference to the betting public clearly delineated. To get the jock back in the saddle is their only motivation and to hell with the people who support the game through their hard earned bucks. Take a moment to read the report - you’re blood will boil at the machinations undertaken to justify what was a disgraceful moment in Woodbine’s history. I’m left with a clear understanding that the denizens of the track will do, or say, anything to protect their own.