24 June 2009

Pictures From Fort Erie On Tuesday

I wound up going to the track on Tuesday after one of the members over at Pace Advantage sent me a message saying he was coming in from British Columbia. I normally like to play from home, but I'll make the odd exception every once in a while.

Just wanted to see if the camera worked. Here is a shot of the start of the fifth race:

Melanie Pinto is all smiles after guiding Love By Design to a romping victory in that fifth race. Remember, you can follow JockeyMel on Twitter.

Let us not forget about Melanie Pinto's agent, former jockey Paul "The Squirrel" Souter. Souter also has the books of Chris Griffith and Sunny Singh.

Here is a pic of Tim from Hastings and Billy Joel. Oh wait, that isn't Billy Joel.

I know I snapped the picture of this romping winner of the 8th race, Miss Yankee at least a few yards before the wire, but I guess she was going too fast, as she won for California Stables and the meet's current leading trainer Daryl Ezra in 1:16:79. Not bad for a filly running for just $5,000 claiming.

The bettors may have gone home, but those dang horses still need to eat:

This stray was found wandering around Daryl Ezra's barn and Daryl decided to keep her. I think they call her Julia:

Fort Erie is a beautiful, but unfortunately there is a good chance that this could be its last year. The owner constantly wants too much for the place, and there is no more money left for Nordic to extort to keep it alive in 2010. The only chance I see Fort Erie sticking it out is if the OLG gives them a special rate on the slot winnings, or Woodbine Entertainment decides they really need Fort Erie to operate.
Could David Willmot save the day?

See also, Track Future Unclear by John Robbins.


The_Knight_Sky said...

Good report CanGamble.

But what do you mean that's not The Piano Man?

Anonymous said...

I usually love to play from home--how sad.

Cangamble said...

Did I say "love" to play from home? I have to go back and read that over again.

I play from home because of rebates and because I don't have to worry about lineups and because I work from home. I've been to the track thousands of times in my life, so the fascination of going there is simply gone now.

Anonymous said...

I think Woodbine would like nothing better than to save the day, but $35 Million is getting in the way.

They need to clarify to Nordic two things:
1) no racing, no slots
2) we're ready to build our own track if you dont want to sell