21 July 2009

Shhhh.....Horseplayers Sometimes Really Do Get Robbed

I got this story from two different sources:

"On June 3, one of the WEG teletheatres in Brampton was robbed. Tellers and 20 patrons relieved of cash. O n July 6, the other WEG location in Brampton was robbed. The teller(s) and 3 patrons relieved of cash."

"The total money illegally stolen was reportedly just under $50,000."

I'm doing this as a public service to patrons who haven't been able to read a thing about it in any Greater Toronto Area newspaper. They should know that there is now a real danger in going to a teletheatre right now.

One can speculate why this hasn't made the newspapers. Woodbine does a lot of newspaper and television advertising, and thus they wield clout when it comes to having bad publicity not make it to the newspapers and television.

By not making this public the first time, the teletheatres were even more at risk to be hit the second time around, especially if the crimes were committed by the same robber(s).

If I was robbed in the second robbery, and knew that there was a cover up on the first robbery on purpose, I might go after those responsible for the cover up, because I may not have gone to a teletheatre until arrests were made on the first robbery.

If there is an armed robbery of a bank, it makes news. Why is that?

Science proves what jockeys know: Posture matters

They (scientists) discovered the jockeys' crouch lets them isolate their bodies from the horse's movement — the horse is moving up and down a lot more than its rider. When the horse's feet hit the ground, its motion temporarily slows until accelerating again with push-off. Through incredible effort that makes the jockey's legs act like a spring, his or her mass stays at a more constant speed. It's basic physics.

"The jockey adds weight but not inertia to the horse," explained research fellow Andrew Spence, a study co-author. The jockeys "say things like, 'You need to go with the flow of the horse.' ... The neat part of the study is we've shown how that happens mechanically."

Still, I contend that horses are capable of running fastest without jockeys and their weight. And I'm also convinced that what we call a good ride, is really a ride where the jockey makes the least mistakes. For proof, over the years I've seen quite a few horses finish ahead of the field after dumping the rider early in the race, even if the horse had very little chance to win the race on paper.

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The_Knight_Sky said...

CanGamble wrote:

For proof, over the years I've seen quite a few horses finish ahead of the field after dumping the rider early in the race, even if the horse had very little chance to win the race on paper.

I agree with the "least mistakes" comment.
"Go with the flow" comment to me is all about not steadying a horse in motion. To avoid braking when the engine is going full throttle.

I look forward to some races being carded someday - without jockeys. May the more intelligent of these herd animals find it to the winners circles.

bullring said...

This happened TWICE. Why haven't I read about this in the papers. Unreal.

Anonymous said...

Cangamble first on the scene with the news. My first stop for racing information. I always check out what you have to write. You're the best.
Your mother (anonymous)

dropkick said...


August 24th...Adams Rib