23 November 2009

Tampa Bay Downs Drops Takeout On Some Bets

Tampa Bay deserves some applause. They have announced on their website that they have lowered takeouts on a few of their bets by 1%.

Take-Out Percentages

Win, Place, Show 17.5%
Daily Double 18%
Pick-3, Pick-4, Super High-5, Pick-6 19% Reduced from 20% last year!
Exactor 20.5 % Reduced from 21.5% last year!
Trifecta, Superfecta 25.9%
Compared to Woodbine
Win, Place, Show 16.95%
Daily Double 20.5%
Pick-3, 26.3%
Pick-4 25%
Pick-6 25%
Exactor 20.5%
Trifecta 27%
Superfecta 26.3%

And Canadian bettors need to realize that if they cash a Pick 3 or Pick 4 at Tampa Bay through an HPI outlet or at Woodbine or tracks that use HPI, you will receive at least 6% less than what the actual Tampa Bay payoff is.

Mary Forney recently did an interview with HANA (Horseplayers Association Of North America) board member and treasurer Theresia Muller during Breeders Cup Week. Here it is:

Theresia is a very devoted HANA member. I don't think she has missed a Wednesday night HANA board member conference call since HANA sprung onto the scene a little over a year ago. I've missed the odd conference call for the record.
Since HANA's inception, there have been no known takeout increases by any track in North America. We've seen a few minor decreases, and at least that is a step in the right direction.

To join HANA, click here, it is free with no obligations. The more bettors that sign up, the more clout HANA will have going forward.

Fort Erie Race Track is not the only track where efforts against closing are happening. Check out the Blue Ribbons Downs mess.

HBPA update on Fort Erie
Still no word one way or the other. This is starting to remind me of the movie Groundhog Day.

Meanwhile, the proposed car racing track is being fought by a group of Fort Erie residents who believe that noise pollution, wetland issues, traffic congestion, and lower property values will arise if the track is developed. My wife signed the petition to prevent the development, I did not.
Bringing in thousands of people to spend money in Fort Erie, creating jobs and hopefully some spill off of auto fans taking in a day at Fort Erie race track (assuming it doesn't close) outweighs the negatives. I also think it will increase property values because there will be full time workers that will drive up real estate prices. The noise won't be constant. Just a few bad days a year. Pollution? Already there. Trucks idling at the Peace Bridge will do that. And wetlands? Lots of wetlands in Canada. We are still a sparsely populated nation.

How many times does a small town get an opportunity like this?, if the opportunity is actually a real one (which I have my doubts about).

That being said, I have no interest in ever going to the car track. It just doesn't appeal to me at all.

Woodbine has introduced a channel on Youtube, WEG Replays

Good quality replays of all WEG races can be found there.

Australian Racing Steward coming to Toronto to review EPO testing procedures here

Julia Brimo getting support from fellow jockeys
"On November 28, jockeys across North America will unite to support Canadian rider Julia Brimo, who suffered head and back injuries in a spill at Keeneland Race Course on October 30.....On November 28, jockeys across the continent will wear the name “Julia” on their boots to show solidarity. Some will also donate one riding fee to a fund in her honour."

To donate to the Julia Brimo Fund send a check made out to Cindy Werner at 1116 Flat Rock Road, Louisville, KY, 40245.


Anonymous said...

6% can often be the difference winning and losing for a horseplayer. Does Woodbine have a legal monopoly on pari mutuel wagering in Canada? I know you guys mention horesplayerbet, but they don't take Canadian bettors.

Cangamble said...

There are a couple of ADWs I know of that take Canadians but they don't have Woodbine as content.

Anonymous said...

who would those adws be...i too would like to receive what i see on the screen...not someone's additional 6% tax...is this another harmonized tax...geesh...