26 May 2010

American Idol Leak And The Ramifications

This post has some relevance when thinking about the idea of exchange betting coming to North America.

I'll admit it, I like American Idol. Wouldn't dream of betting it, but that doesn't stop everyone from doing so. On Betfair, under special bets, one could place wagers on their American Idol selection, or book contestants they think will be voted off.

It just came to my attention that after what appeared to be a knockout performance last night, that Crystal Bowersox was trading as high as 8-1 today, and wound up closing at 3-1.

This means that nice guy Lee DeWyze will be announced as the winner within the next hour or so. It will shock the audience.

But what is worse is that this shows the dangers of betting exchanges, especially when a winner is known to at least someone prior to betting being closed. Every gamblers dream is to bet after knowing the results.

I'm for exchange betting, if done the right way. But whenever money is involved, larceny isn't far behind.

I'm still not 100% sure DeWyze will win.....but mostly because I can't believe he could possibly of received more votes than Mama Sox. But Betfair picked the upset winner last year too.

All it takes is one person to leak it out to a Betfair player, and it is free money.

It isn't like there is a disconnect between a certain judge and England.

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