25 November 2010

The Best Horse Racing Links On The Internet

Happy Thanksgiving to my many US readers.  As a way of thanking you, I will now provide a list of what I think are the best sites on the internet for horse racing.  I'm sure I will leave a few out, but I can always re edit my post when I get some suggestions I may have temporarily forgot about.  Most  relevant sites pertaining to horse racing can be found on my sidebar.  But here are the best:

Best sources to find news stories.  There are five sites I go to at least once a day.  Paulick Report, Equidaily, Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance News Feed, Bloodhorse, and Racing 360.

Free stuff:  Thoroughbred Blogger's Alliance links to a slew of free past performances every day.   Equibase has made life easier and cheaper on handicapper's and horsemen who used to pay for certain information or didn't go after certain info because there was a cost involved.   For example, check out Stats Central on their main page.  You can even do a dam search now.  Put in the name of a dam, and you will get her offspring, and then you can even look at the individual charts of each run for free.  On the left hand side of their main page you can also do a horse, jockey or trainer search.  I typed in Magnusson, and I found out they had stats for Glenn Magnusson dating back to 1953.

Best site for information regarding fines and suspensions:  Racing Medication and Testing Consortium.  Unfortunately it isn't complete as either many tracks make it harder to get this info, or there is something lacking in communication.   Woodbine has done a very good thing in putting up an Ontario Racing Commission Rulings page on their Splash site, though their explanation for letting Fifty Proof's result stand was beyond laughable (the gate did open early but the Stewards deemed it to be a fair start and that is all that really matters, so it was a fair start, na na na na na!).

The best resource for scratches and change in track surfaces, etc. is at Equibase as wellThank HANA and Equibase for that one.

Best track takeout information:  HANA's Track Rating Chart, it is updated frequently, though it only covers thoroughbred racing.   Google Maps has a separate takeout map for both harness and thoroughbred tracks in North America.

Best Horse Racing Forum:  Pace Advantage.  There are other good ones (see my sidebar) but nothing is close to PA.

Best Past Performances.  I'm a pen and paper handicapper.  I've never used a computer program to pick horses, so keep that in mind.  I used to buy Daily Racing Forms regularly, and then bought TSN, and then Brisnet past performances, but the most success I've ever had in my life as a Horseplayer has occurred since using TrackMaster Standard Plus Pro Past Performances.

One of the best places to bet, if not the best place, Horseplayersbet.com.  Free video and replay for active accounts.  Industry high player rewards, and great customer service.  You have to live in one of the right States to join though.

Off to watch some football.  I need Brady to pass for 500 yards today to still have a shot in my Fantasy Football league.


dana said...

Nice post, an excellent way to give thanks. And thanks for including Raceday 360, much appreciated!

scottb said...

Great Website, I want to post a link of Horesplayers on our great new stable and betting partners website designed to make dreams affordable,but can't seem to do it?
Happy Holidays to all from Down The Stretch Stable.

The_Knight_Sky said...

And Thanks to you CanGamble.

With your web presence...
I won't have to worry if someone's been drinking someone else's Kool-Aid.