5 November 2010

Go Zenyatta Go, But Not With My Money

I will be rooting for Zenyatta to make it 20 for 20, but I don't think she has a hope in H-E-Double Hockey sticks. For the record, I didn't like her last year either. But this year she running against the top male horses on a dirt track.

She looks like she is at least 5 lengths inferior to Quality Road and my second choice, long shot Musket Man.

But I really want to see her win. She is great for the game.

My main concern is that lightning fast tracks can really hurt horses that try. I don't doubt Mike Smith when he says she has yet to have had to go 100%. Tomorrow will be different. I just hope her heart and desire to win doesn't turn into a serious injury.

I'll be torn if the horses I bet on are running one two with a sixteenth to go and Zenyatta is making her usual move. I actually think I will rooting for Zenyatta in this case.

I handicapped the entire Breeders' Cup for today and tomorrow. You can see my picks as well as those from fellow Thoroughbred Blogger's Alliance members here.

Drugs are in the news again. Here is a New York Times article At Breeders’ Cup, a Volatile Mix of Speed and Drugs Check out the chart in the left hand corner. Jamie Ness leads all top money winning trainers in the starts per medical violation category.

In what is hopefully a positive move, The Racing Medication and Testing Consortium (RMTC) has a list of recommended thresholds and withdrawal guidelines for numerous drugs that are commonly used. It would be great for the game if every jurisdiction is on the same page.

There is an in depth article on undetectable drugs over at Standardbred Canada. ITPP is mentioned. I did a piece on this drug recently.

The horse racing industry should be ashamed of themselves as handle for 2010 now looks like it will drop to 1996 levels. We've seen a handful of tracks recently doing something about it as they try to compete by lowering takeout on at least one of their betting items, but what is needed is a cut everywhere in takeout. Racing is a great game, but there needs to be visible long term winners for the masses to be attracted to it.

HANA (The Horseplayers Association Of North America) is pissed at Woodbine, and rightfully so. There practice of skimming some of the winnings of their customers on low takeout triactors, superfectors and Pick 3's needs to stop.

Tom Says:
Just to get this straight. A bettor makes a wager on a Churchill Downs races and cashes. The money bet actually goes into the pool, and Churchill pays Woodbine based on real track odds. Woodbine keeps some of it and gives the rest to the customer.
Can't Woodbine see how wrong this is? What about the Canadian government? This just isn't right.

I actually have faith that the new regime under Nick Eaves will abolish this practice soon.

Speaking of tracks trying. Western Fair has reduced their Pick 4 wagers track takeout to 15% starting today.

Zenyatta on 60 Minutes. In case you missed it:

HT Standardbred Canada


jimbojones said...

whaaa, whaaa, whaaa!

this is the whiniest blog. Okay we get it, takeouts are too high. why keep beating a dead horse. Simply bet where takeouts are low and your problem is solved.

Cangamble said...

Hey Jimbo which are you? An out to lunch racetrack exec or an out to lunch horseman?

A lower takeout will help the game grow. Buy a clue. If takeout remains high, the game keeps swirling down the toilet.