29 July 2012

Maybe I'm Just Stupid, But...

Maybe I'm just stupid, but it appears to me that in OHRIA's recent proposal, Plan For The Future, that in lieu of losing $165 Million a year in slot revenues that went towards purses and breeding, they want funds to be set up by the government (an actual subsidy) totalling $210 Million a year, while being alright with cutting race dates and racetracks. Um OK, I must be idiotic in believing that the government will laugh their heads off at this proposal, though they'll like the cutting of race dates and tracks...less gambling competition is cool with the Ontario Liberal Party.

Maybe I'm just stupid, but in OHRIA's recent proposal they seem to be content with the end of Fort Erie. To stupid me, if OHRIA is conceding that racing can exist without Fort Erie, it makes it next to impossible to make a case to the government that Fort Erie Race Track should exist after this year.

Maybe I'm just stupid, but OHRIA seems to believe that Woodbine can race B horses. Sure, they can write $5,000 claiming races, but at a rate of $80 day pay, which owners are going to stick around to fill those races with their horses? There is a very good chance that if Woodbine is the only thoroughbred track running next year, owners of horses who run for less than $12,500 or who can't handle polytrack will send their horses away to Finger Lakes or Ohio. Some may run for the Woodbine owners there, but many will be sold for next to nothing. Once, this happens to an owner once or twice, it will take the fun out of the game, as well as taking away much of the chance that the owner can make money in the game. I know this might sound stupid but owners will dry up very quickly, leaving only wealthy trainers and owners with more money than brains to race. Maybe I'm just stupid, but I would think that OHRIA would understand the economic necessity of having a B racetrack in Ontario.

Maybe I'm just stupid, but Tim Hudak's attempt to appeal to the horse racing community and its supporters, to make sure that the Ontario Liberals don't wind up with a majority government by winning the upcoming Kitchener-Waterloo election, sounds almost pointless. The Liberals didn't need a majority government to end the Slots At Racetracks program. How will a Liberal defeat in Kitchener help horse racing in Ontario?

Maybe I'm just stupid, but the Minister of Agriculture, Ted McMeekin, comes across like a pompous A-hole when he says, “Simply put, the model that is currently in operation and is scheduled to end March 2013 is not viable, is not sustainable.” Is EHealth, ORNGE, moving the Mississauga Power Plant, or full day kindergarten sustainable? Sustainable? The SAR program was a partnership, and it is not going to mean much more money, if any, to the government bottom line, once the new operators (mostly foreign owned conglomerates most likely) take their cut of the slots profits.

Maybe I'm just stupid, but whenever I read that Bingo Halls are going to get a better deal than racetracks did because they are only going to give the government 47% of gross gaming revenues (before expenses to the Bingo Hall), while the government received 75% of slot revenues from Racinos (before expenses to the government), I either believe that the writer either doesn't understand Business 101 or is being totally disingenuous. That being stated, I know I'm stupid for even thinking that Bingo Hall owner Larry Tanenbaum is getting preferential treatment for being a Liberal Government Crony.

Maybe I'm just stupid, but I really like the idea that Finance Minister Dwight Duncan got ambushed by Marty Adler:

What bothers me is when Duncan stated that the number of jobs affected by the end of the SAR program is "not 60,000," Adler didn't come back asking "well then how many jobs will be affected?" Truth is that Duncan has no idea, and that, to a stupid person like me, shows that the decision to end the slots at racetrack program was done without the proper due diligence.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me the difference between these two inquiries.....they look identical to me.



This is another problem with horse racing. The stewards are morons at most tracks. Most of the ones I have seen look like as dumb as bricks.

Anonymous said...

As a horseplayer I could care less because they could care less about me!

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When did you start censoring?