24 March 2007

Cutest Female Jockey Of All Time, Chantal Sutherland, To Return To Woodbine

After two years of riding against America's toughest jockey, Chantal Sutherland returns to Woodbine. I think she will do very well on the Polytrack. I'm thinking it will really suit her riding style. Last year, she posed for Vogue. Can't find the pics online though.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming CEO Resigns
Resigns, told to quit, fired.......same difference. The OLGC has been under fire over the fact that retailers have been hauling in a much higher percentage of big prizes than they should have over the years, and the OLGC until recently, was doing a lot of dancing, and when tired of dancing, rested like an ostrich. The former CEO will probably get a lot of dough to send him off in the sunset and to keep his mouth shut. Sometimes, big corporations suck.

X-treme Horsepower event scheduled at Georgian Downs on July 14th.

Horse racing could be on the way out in California All because tribes in California have exclusive rights to slots.

UN supporting Alberta tribe internet gambling initiative????

CTHS announces Improvement Program for 2007

Pennsylvania Slots Have Generated $17.5 Million For Purses In Only 3 Months

Racing may return to Sandown Park in BC


Anonymous said...

wow. nice.

Unknown said...

Chantal is a living Doll. I saw her picture for the first time in the Toronto Sun Mar 28 page S11.
The picture shows she has self confidence and emotional poise as well. You go girl!