26 March 2007

Neteller Ceasing Internet Gambling Transactions In Canada

NeTeller to cease doing on-line gambling transactions in Canada and Turkey
April 9th is the cutoff date for gambling related transactions involving Canadian customers, and InstaCash transactions stopped today.
I'm a little perplexed. Not sure who is turning up the heat here. Internet gambling in Canada has been a grey area for quite some time, and I haven't seen anything to change the colour into black and white.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming ignored obvious fraud cases; Ombudsman report gives 23 recommendations

Canadian internet gambling billionaire Ayre, doesn't dare set foot in the USA.

Canadian Stallion Cat's At Home dead at 10

Centaur Inc buys Hoosier Park from Churchill Downs
H/T 4 Horse Racing Blog

Fair Grounds set handle record while giving out record purses

Trainer David Nunn only gets 60 days for using illegal drug and possessing syringe in a detention area at Aqueduct In Ontario, he would have got at least 6 months, but I think Kentucky Red is legal here....trainers with syringes are not.

Jack Moiseyev records 9000th win

Border passport laws still being lobbied against
I have an idea, make Ontario the 51st state, or at least US territory.

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