20 March 2007

For Sale Sign Goes At Fort Erie Racetrack

I forgot to mention that I recently joined the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance. Check my sidebar for some real good insight from various knowledgable bloggers. Of main interest to me is Jen Morrison's blog ThoroughBlog. She is a well known and well respected journalist, who mainly covers racing in Ontario.

For Sale Sign Goes Up At Fort Erie Racetrack Purses have been drastically dropping, so have race dates. Buffalo has a possible/probable casino coming soon and people will need passports to get over the border shortly. I guess everything has a price.

Great Canadian Gaming releases 2006 financials

Chartwell releases 1st quarter results

OHHA Appoints Review Committee

Neteller accused of not be forthcoming

Neteller coalition demands release of US Funds

A Day At The Races. The classic tout scene. Remember, this was way before the internet, but it was at a time when a lot more people could relate to horse racing too. What happened?:

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