18 March 2007

Horse Racing Testing Shocker:Another Drug Causes Appearance of Aminorex

The test results make it appear aminorex was in the horses system, but an OTC drug that has no aminorex in it, caused the faulty readings.
Here we have the ORC, who has the power to take away a trainer's livelihood based on drug tests. Yet the drug tests can't be trusted. The ORC is in a tough spot.
Aminorex positives are not from aminorex but from levamisole phosphate. This is a bad precedence. This means that possibly any drug positive could be wrong. At least to a layman like me. I wonder how this will be spun by the industry.

I think levamisole was being used as a worm paste. Anyway, here it what it is and what is known about it. It seems to work well on elephants.

SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program® was speculated to contain Aminorex, but tests show that it does not.

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