14 March 2007

Headlines for March 14th:Will Heather Mills Lose Her Fake Leg

As I predicted: Trainers with Aminorex positives are reinstated while investigation continues

Torsemide positives cause 4 suspensions in Ontario The drug is not approved in Ontario yet, so Alfred Carroll, Richard Carroll, Todd Clements and Dan McFadden get to ride the pines. Update: Four more trainers get fines and suspensions for Torsemide

Antigua on line casino taking bets on whether Heather Mills (McCartney)'s leg flies off on Dancing With The Stars

Fair Grounds announces third purse increase of the season

Youbet has 14 cent 4th quarter loss
But they expect their future to be profitable: share buyback announced.

Anti-slaughter opposition has created a glut of unwanted horses This is tragic and almost a no win situation

Twilight Meteor is the early money favorite for Queen's Plate

New York state wants $200 million in tobacco taxes; Senaca Nations says No Smokem Peace Pipe


Anonymous said...

Question - Why are we reading about all of these positives there only with harness horses? Does the ORC have the same testing procedures for thoroughbreds as it does for standardbreds?


Anonymous said...

All these positives just happened since late December and early January.
Our thoroughbred season finished in early December, so I'm thinking that the positives are due to a more enhanced testing process that has been implemented (testing for more drugs) that came about after the thoroughbred season.
The other thing is that there might be a drug that some vet or vets fooled around with lately and they were unaware that part of a concoction had aminorex in it.