16 March 2007

March 16th Updates: Never Trust A Horse

With the Woodbine thoroughbred season quickly approaching, remember, you can never trust horses:

Critics Wants Ontario Lottery Corporation To Be Cleaned Up

Lotto 6/49 over-estimating jackpots
Hey, I thought that was illegal in Canada.

Using Canadian dollars and other non US currencies may be way to get around US internet laws Where there is a will there is a way. And the US should just legalize Internet gambling and allow operators out of Vegas to handle everything. This way money will stay within the US, and everyone will be happy, except for the Church groups and the offshore houses. Bettors would prefer to gamble with a Vegas internet hub then some Caribean house.

Sona Mobile signs deal with Daily Racing Form

3 more Torsemide positives. Trainers David Menary, Mary Paulic and Randy Zhok get fines and suspensions.

ORC Releases Financial Directives

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