7 March 2007

March 7th Updates

Origin of where the Aminorex came from is questioned. I don't think all these trainers are using the drug knowingly. It must be in something they thought was safe.

Veteran Ben Wallace latest trainer to get a positive for Aminorex

Dave Perkins article in the Toronto Star about cheating and a drop in wagering.
He states handicapping is made tougher by cheats, but this has been a growing concern way before the current wave of suspensions. The drop in wagering mostly has to do with the waking up of the gambler.....the game is unfair because of ridiculously high take outs. Sorry to sound like a broken record. Lets face it, wagering on horse racing has been made so much easier with phone betting and computer betting, yet the numbers are dwindling instead of going up exponentially....illegal drugs aren't the problem, though they don't help.

Runaway Groom pensioned at 28
I was 21 when I was at home watching the 1982 Travers. By then I was already a major horse racing fan and bettor. For some reason I can't remember why I was home that day and not at Woodbine. This was probably the second biggest national pride moment I had in my life. The biggest was when Paul Henderson scored the goal that beat the Russians.

OK, here is the number one National Pride moment I had:

I was 11, and watched it in my Jr. High School's gymnasium with a bunch of other students. The game was so important, the school closed early that day to give everyone a chance to go home and watch it.

West Virginia OKs Table Games at Racetracks

Fun Technologies announces that it has over 30 million players worldwide

Youbet stock downgraded on news of Magna and Churchill deal

Why were Bill Robinson's horses scratched? I guess we will find out soon enough

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What a great race that Travers was! Thanks for posting it.