9 March 2007

March 9th Updates: More About Aminorex Positives

Ben Wallace mystified over Aminorex positive. Thinks it might be tied in to the drug Tramisol that he used 36 hours out Also, the link explains why Bill Robinson's horses were scatched (I guess the atmosphere just wasn't hot enough for him yet):
'Yesterday, John Blakney, head of the Ontario Racing Commission said investigators found a vial containing a substance, some powder and five syringes that contained substances. They are currently trying to investigate what the substances are. Robinson, who was not with the horse van, has not yet been charged.'

Vets put their heads together to figure out Aminorex source Maybe some of these trainer were "cheating" with a different drug or drugs and were unaware that something included Aminorex.

ORC Bulletin regarding positive tests

MI Developments reassessing their tie to Magna Entertainment

Senacas Under Pressure Now. Subpoenaed In Casino Probe
Maybe this is why a couple of Seneca execs mysteriously jumped ship over a month ago.

Steve Wynn back to bid on New York tracks

Gambling has benefits for seniors: study

Cree in Alberta warned about setting up an illegal internet gambling hub

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