28 May 2007

Fort Erie To Get A 300 Million Dollar Investment Boost: Don't Bet On It

$300-million investment planned for race track

Fort Erie - Monday, May 28, 2007 Updated @ 2:44:54 PM
There's 300 million reasons to be optimistic about the future of
the Fort Erie Race Track.
That's the size, in terms of dollars, El Ad Group (Canada) Inc.
, a management company affiliated with track owner Nordic Gaming, is reportedly
willing to invest in building a world-class entertainment complex at the
century-old border oval, complete with a four-star hotel.
Check back for details on this and other developing stories throughout the
day. Full story in Tuesday's Review.
Gimme a break. This will never happen. With the upcoming mandatory passport laws, the probable Buffalo casino, and the fact that Niagara Falls actually has one of the World's Wonders and tables to boot, who the heck is going to go to a "world class" complex in Fort Erie.
I understand that they want/think the government is going to pay for much of it. I don't think the Canadian government is that stupid. Niagara Falls has turned into a bit of a bust for them already, and Fort Erie makes zero sense.
This is just a way for Fort Erie to try to find a buyer who is naive enough to think that this plan is in the works.

Fort Erie introduced a new announcer today. He did a pretty decent job. Short fields made it easier, but he seems to know what he is doing.

UPDATE: Link to full story about the proposed Fort Erie investment

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