30 May 2007

Headlines For May 30th

Tracks to monitor horse injuries. 30 racetracks to participate. It appears to be US tracks only.

George Hosang to receive Avelino Gomez Award. I remember going up to the third floor of Woodbine in the late 70's and early 80's to see Hosang's Jamaican cheering section. "Bumba clot, blood clot was heard quite often.

More on the 300 million dollar smoke and mirrors deal that will never ever ever happen at Fort Erie. A three hundred million dollar investment and Fort Erie's ownership couldn't field one rep for the media unveiling of the proposal. They aren't even talking about expanding gaming beyond slots. This is such a joke.
This article includes a picture of the Fort Erie plans.

Arlington's polytrack a success so far Betting up, injuries way down.

British Columbia lottery to be audited by government; open to fraud

Banned rider Houghton sues Arlington Park

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