7 June 2007

Headlines For June 7th

How about C.P. West onto Slew's Tizzy for the Belmont? Yeah, I must be nuts.

Woodbine bias report. Off the pace horses doing much better.

Investigators looking into horse transactions by NY Legislator

No Sunday gambling in PEI....yet

Windsor casino construction delayed by strike

BC casino evacuated thanks to bomb scare

Magna Entertainment Sells San Luis Rey Downs to real estate development subsidiary

FBI believes internet gambling is illegal in the US

Ok, Vern Fernandes apparently made some insensitive comments on The Score last night after his wonder horse, Cold War, miraculously won on the EP Taylor Turf Course.
Fernandes known for his sarcasm, made a boo boo because he wasn't in front of his usual friends, but a national audience, many of whom most likely took the comment in a very bad way. He made a mistake, and I'm sure he feels bad about it. From what I understand, his comments couldn't be more opposite to how he feels about individual horses and especially his wonder horse.

Two of the eight races last night were won by Fort Erie based horses and trainers. The atmosphere in Fort Erie may be more relaxing for many high strung horses, since there isn't an airplane landing and taking off every 2 minutes.

Woodbine trainers charge around $70 a day, while Fort Erie trainers generally are $45-$50 a day. Of course, factoring shipping twice a month or three times every two months, owners wind up paying an additional $10 a day on average when shipping to Woodbine to race for the real money. Plenty of empty stalls at Fort Erie right now, I hear, and I don't expect it to change, as uneconomical horses continue to be sold as pets, riding horses, or shipped to Ohio as a last resort.


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you might find this story about the first 'global trifecta' interesting


alas, Canada is not expected to join till next year