3 June 2007

Headlines for June 3rd

Jiggs Cause romps in jinxed Plate Trial

Woodbine disses Fort Erie by coupling up with Belmont races on the Score TV channel instead. So much for Canadian content. Woodbine is driven by greed, not the idea of promoting the sport to Canadians; they make more money on every two dollars bet on Belmont races over Fort Erie races. Meanwhile, many horses and jockeys go back and forth from Woodbine to Fort Erie and visa versa. Not too many go back and forth from Belmont to Woodbine. People across Canada, breeders, patrons, etc., would rather watch Fort Erie over Belmont, I'm sure.

More on the smoke and mirrors project that will never happen in Fort Erie

Fort Erie continues to give their biggest purses to Stronach. His National Hero set a track record in the 7th today as Fort Erie opened up their turf course for business.
Fort Erie shouldn't run races higher than $15,000 claiming. If a horse is believed to be worth more, let em run at Woodbine. They should cut the fourth day each week offered in July and August, as well as allowance races, and then increase the existing purses by 15-20% to make racing economical for owners. The problem is that horsemen aint that bright.

Casino scam artist's claims to be investigated

Some bargain priced harness horses are doing well at Western Fair


Jen Morrison said...

Hi CanGamble

Thanks for all your insights on my blog.
As for the The Score..well, the only thing i can say about this topic is that Fort Erie has not been shown on it for more than 1 year..Woodbine takes Keeneland, Sar, etc. usually.
not sure why, even my TV friends there don't know...however, it has not been on there in a long time.. yesterday was the 1st sunday of fort erie this year and there was only 8 races...that also factors into it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not 100% sure but I think that Woodbine pays Fort Erie a higher rate on bets made by WEG customers on the Fort Erie product than they do on other products and visa versa.