1 August 2007

Headlines For August 1st

Canada's first nomination in The Melbourne Cup: Jambalaya Australia has very tough drug policies, which act as a deterrent to North American trained horses.

Woodbine bias report. Front runners almost have no chance is sprint races. Chantal Sutherland is the hot jock right now. Justin Stein is cold.

Quinte new racetrack project moving along slowly but surely

Week old news: Premier Turf Club announced the release of their new Conditional Odds Software. This feature allows the bettor to wager only on those selections that meet their minimum odds thresholds. Premier Turf Club is an advertiser for the Thoroughbred Blogger's Alliance, which I'm a member of (see sidebar). They are a is a U.S. based parimutuel national account wagering provider that offers cash rewards to their members. They are having a problem getting the A tracks to play ball with them (because of industry collusion), but if you don't mind getting real nice rebates for Delaware and Mountaineer, for example, that are debited in your account the very next day, you should consider joining.

Jose Santos retires at 46 due to injuries

New York racing regulators get tough on milkshakes and betting by tellers on the days they are working

Slots miss the mark in Florida

USA warned about internet gambling ban. If it continues, they could have to pay billions.

Legal Opinion: If the US would ban internet horse race gambling, they would be compliant with WTO rules

Colic 101: We all here that a horse either had a bought with colic or died from colic. This explains what it is.

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